Operating Status


Stadia - 50% Capacity

Arenas - 50% Capacity

Convention Centres - 2sqm per patron

Theatres - Up to 60% capacity 

Live Music Venues - Up to 60% capacity, for seated and ticketed shows only 

Festivals/Greenfields - Permitted with approval of submitted plans

Travel Restrictions

  • From Saturday, 14 November, WA will transition to a safe and sensible controlled border arrangement based on the latest public health advice. Every state and territory in Australia will need to record a 14-day rolling average of less than 5 community cases per day of COVID-19 for Western Australia’s new controlled interstate border arrangement to be introduced. 

  • More info HERE

State Government Relief/Stimulus


Local Government

  • $18million package designed to provide immediate support to City of Perth businesses: DETAILS HERE