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Projects for a New Way

PROJECT THREE: Upskilling Portal

An online portal providing businesses and workers with easy access to resources and advice to upskill themselves or their workforce during hibernation and into recovery.

Harm Minimisations Quiz

​The AFA, in conjunction with our members, Dancewize, Red Cross save-a-mate and the ADF have developed Harm Minimisation content and quiz. We are on a mission to ensure as many people at festivals understand some basic Harm Mininimation concepts to ensure everyone remains safe. 

AFA members are training staff, suppliers and security on their festival sites with this resource, as well as patrons in exchange for upgrades, discounts and presale access. Over 18,000 people have completed the quiz.

The quiz is also being promoted as an upskilling opportunity for workers and patrons as part of Projects For A New Way.

The quiz can be accessed below.

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For further information, please contact the Program Managers:

Anna Jacobs - [email protected]

Francesca Valmorbida - [email protected]


This project is supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria.