Victorian Music Festivals:

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What is a Music Festival?

There are several characteristics that help to define a music festival in the Victorian context. Thoses considered for the benefit of this toolkit include;

  • funding and motivation

  • degree of community involvement

  • cultural significance of music genres/movements

  • regularity

For the purposes of this toolkit, we have married the definition to that used in the RMIT Research (found above)  which notes that -


"anything called a festival and/or involved a central music element that consisted of more than two artists/bands but was not a ‘gig’ (an event held for the purpose of promoting a headlining band or group of bands, in a traditional single-stage venue setting over a short time period such as one evening)"

Events vs Festivals

Events would typically not be described as a festival in marketing or planning. Largely events might be considered one-off whereas festivals tend to occur on a regular schedule. 

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