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Programming live music for a specific audience is an 'art' that takes practice. It is important to build your networks, skills and know-how through first-hand experience. so that can literally see the impact of your program on audiences. You may like to volunteer assistance with the development of council festivals, local radio station programs or university music events. Alternatively, take a risk. Find a stage, book some of your favourite bands and sell tickets to your own program which will no doubt facilitate some direct feedback. Triple R, Joy FM and PBS rely on the goodwill of the hundreds of volunteers. If you are interested we recommend you apply directly to your favourite radio station with community radio examples  3RRR Volunteer Application form, JOY volunteer vacancies and PBS volunteering opportunities as suggestions.

Event Management & Ticketing

  • Event Organiser - LINK. to AFA directory to determine which festivals welcome internships and volunteers

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This project is supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria.