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Festival Market - Victoria

Based on the research conducted by the RMIT for this project, there were 166 music festivals that occured in the 2018 - 2019 season in Victoria. 

Market snapshot

  • 166 music festivals

  • Longest running (Moomba Festival) dates back to 1955

  • 29 of the 166 festivals had their innaugual year in the 2018/19 season

  • January to March is the peak of the festival season in Victoria

  • July has the least number of music festivals

  • 42% are held in metropolitan Melbourne

  • 23.5% are held in areas classified as "rural"

  • 60% go for longer than one day

  • 45% have just one stage

  • At least 56 (34%) of festivals included interactive events, such as workshops, carnival rides, group dancing and children’s activities

The full report goes into more detail about genres, lineup equality and accessibility of festivals. This can be found here -

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