Published Research

A selection of available relevant festival research:

International Research 

Global Drug Survey COVID19 - Australia Interim Report (2020)

Social Impacts of Music Festivals in Serbia and Hungary (2017)


Drug Checking Service - Good Practice Standards in Europe (2013)

Factsheet on Drug Checking in Europe (2011)

National Survey on Festivals in Hungary (2006)


National Research 

Results of the National Arts Participation Survey (2020)

Phase 3 - COVID-19 Audience Outlook Monitor - Australian Snapshot Report: September 2020

What is Harm Reduction and Why is it Important at Music Venues and Events (2019)

Thesis: Understanding the Social Impacts of Festivals on Communities (2007)

Safety, Sexual Harassment and Assault at Australian Music Festivals Report (2018)

Live Performance Australia - Ticketing Report (2018)

A Global Drug Survey Data Report: Australian Music Festival Attendees Who Seek Medical Treatment Following Alcohol and Other Drug Use (2019)

Australian Music Festival Attendees: A National Overview of Demographics, Drug Use Patterns, Policing Experiences and Help-Seeking Behaviour (2019)

Drug Free Australia - MDMA: Eight Central Issues for the Australian Greens (2019)


Harm Reduction Journal: Music Festival Attendees' Illicit Drug Use, Knowledge and Practices Regarding Drug Content and Purity: A Cross-Sectional Survey (2018)

New South Wales 

NSW Government - Guidelines for Music Festival Event Organisers: Music Festival Harm Reduction (2019)

NSW Parliament - Drug Use at Music Festivals E-Brief (2018)

Australian Capital Territory 

Australian National University - ACT Pill Testing Trial: Program Evaluation (2019)

Pill Testing Australia - Report on the Second ACT GTM Pill Testing Pilot: A Harm Reduction Service (2019)


Create Victoria - Victoria's Creative Industry Festivals Review (2018)

Drugs at the Campsite: Socio-spatial Relations and Drug Use at Music Festivals (2016)

Western Australia

City of Perth - Cultural Development Plan (2018-2024)

Government of WA - Contemporary Music Fund - Grant Program Guide (2019)

South Australia

Government of SA - Adelaide Festival Corporation Annual Report (2018-19)

South Australian Music Industry Strategy: Music Development Office (2018)

Reverb: Adelaide's Live Music Movement - The Future of Live Music in South Australia (2013)


Tasmanian Audit Office - Event Funding Report (2016-17)