NSW Roundtable Outcomes

The outcomes of the first NSW Music Festival Roundtable, held in December 2019 have been published on the Liquor & Gaming website. You can view these here. The next meeting is scheduled for late March.

Roundtable - why is it important and what makes this one work? It is hard to convey just how important this roundtable will be for the future of the industry in NSW. We now have a platform to raise issues with key agencies and have these documented and reported back to Government. Other than just having the roundtable, there are some other really vital benefits to the way it has been established - 

1. It's legislated

This meeting has to take place four (4) times a year according to legislation. There are also specifics in the legislation (as detailed below) that mean the roundtable has to address certain issues, include certain representatives and generally achieve the shared aims.

Whilst it's not unprecedented to have a legislated roundtable, it's certainly a new development for our industry and the music industry more broadly. A number of reviews, inquiries and inquests have all pointed to the need for this roundtable. For it to be not just introduced but legislated, is a huge win for the industry.

2. Co-chairs

Having Government and industry co-chairs is one of the most important inclusions in the legislation. This ensures democracy is at the heart of the process which ultimately benefits all parties. Both chairs must review and agree on the agenda items, minutes and any documents before they are circulated or published.

This was an aspect that we advocated for with our industry partners and were thrilled to see included in the final legislation. We hope that it leads to a really productive, outcome-based roundtable that achieves some stability for the sector.

3. Equal representation

Similar to co-chairs, having equal representation at the table ensures a balanced view and approach to all business conducted. This is also important to ensure that discussions are contextually relevant and not solely theory-based.

4. Public reporting

Transparency was one of the number one issues raised about this time last year from our members and the industry. The inclusion of public reporting on the roundtable is great to provide everyone some insight into the meeting outcomes and future direction.

5. Festival Meeting!

The legislation includes the requirement to meet at a festival site! We think this is great and will give us the chance get some of the Government roundtable members to see a festival from behind the scenes.

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