Harm Minimisation for staff, volunteers & patrons

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

The AFA, in conjunction with Dancewize and Red Cross save-a-mate, has produced an online training program that covers basic Harm Minimisation principals in Alcohol and any other drugs (AOD). Our aim is to educate as many festival attendees, including workers, as possible to increase the number of eyes that are looking out for patron safety onsite.

Currently the program includes a text-based education component followed by a short quiz to test the users knowledge. Members are encouraged to have as many people onsite take this program before show day. Some suggested uses are –

  • All staff and volunteers complete training prior to being confirmed for their shift

  • Suppliers complete the training as part of a WHS induction to the site

  • Security training prior to being confirmed for their shift

  • Police complete training prior to arrival onsite

  • Patrons incentivised to complete training with access to pre-sale, VIP upgrades or additional festival benefits

  • All patrons complete training before buying their festival ticket

We hope that the latter two options will help to educate festival patrons in onsite safety ahead of their arrival.

Second Phase

Once we have this version operational and producing results, we aim to reproduce the education content into an info graphic video with the option for our festival members to have it either narrated or introduced by willing artists from their lineups. The inclusion of artists in festival Harm Minimisation strategies was discussed in the inquest as a potentially invaluable tool that is uniquely available to festival promoters.

If you would like to access the functional version, please contact us.

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