Membership Inclusions

About Membership

The Australian Festival Association is operated by members, for the benefit of members. More information may be found here or below. 

Membership is open to all Australian festivals promoters, organisers and operators as well as those working in the industry and extends to music, arts, film and any other festival. 

Annual fees are payable on receipt of your membership application.

Membership Tiers

  1. Festival Member

    • Tier 1 = 2,000 - 5,000 patrons

    • Tier 2 = 5,000 - 10,000 patrons

    • Tier 3 = 10,000 - 20,000 patrons

    • Tier 4 = 20,000 patrons + ​

    • Under 2,000 patrons may join as an industry member

  2. Industry Member​

  3. Not-for-profit Member

  4. Sponsors/Other


General Membership Benefits 

  • A united voice representing the industry politically & within regulatory bodies

  • Representation of industry in the media

  • Best Practice Guidelines developed by the AFA in conjunction with other peak bodies

  • Voting rights at the AGM to ensure a consultative approach is taken to the direction of the Association

  • Networking opportunities with other festival industry members

Notable work to date

  • Successfully advocated for a Festival Roundtable in NSW, GM elected as co-chair, and 4 total positions of 20 seats, on the NSW Music Festival Roundtable - TERMS OF REFERENCE HERE

  • Participant on the Victorian Live Music Roundtable - TERMS OF REFERENCE HERE

  • Invited to give evidence to the Senate Select Committee hearing into the Federal Government's response on COVID-19 - TRANSCRIPT HERE (30th June 2020)

  • Appeared at the Coronial Inquest into Music Festival Deaths as an interested party - FINDINGS HERE

  • Formed an alliance with key music industry bodies; Live Performance Australia, Music NSW, APRA AMCOS and Live Music Office to launch the #votemusic campaign in the lead-up to the NSW State Election

  • The campaign hero video had a reach of 500,000 views​ on the AFA Facebook page

1. Festival Members


Membership granted to festivals who fit the following criteria:

  • a festival

  • operating for three (3) years or more

  • ticketed

  • 2,000 + capacity

$1,250 ex GST^

$2,500 ex GST^

$5,000 ex GST^

$10,000 ex GST^

Fees charged annually

Tier 1 = 2,000 - 5,000 patrons*


Tier 2 = 5,000 - 10,000 patrons*


Tier 3 = 10,000 - 20,000 patrons*

Tier 4 = 20,000+ patrons*

*Capacity should be considered combined capacity if held across multiple locations

^Membership charged per Festival Identity (not per location held)

2. Industry Members


Membership granted to Festival Professionals such as:

o      New Festivals and those with under 2,000 Patrons

o      Event Supplier Companies

o      Local Government Organisations

o      Site Managers

o      Bar Operators
o      Production Managers
o      Venues and Venue Groups

o      Event Contractors

$500 ex GST

Fees charged annually

Flat rate per member

3. Not-for-profit Members


Membership granted to any festival or festival company that operates as a not-for-profit as defined by the ACNC

$250 ex GST

Fees charged annually

Discounted rate for not-for-profits

4. Sponsors / Other


Membership granted to a brand with significant interests in the festival industry.


Membership granted to any other membership type that does not fall within the above categories.


Fees charged annually

Contact the AFA for more information. 


Helping you deliver safe and well-run festivals around Australia, and establishing world leading operating standards for our industry.