The Drug, The Person, and The PLACE

The effect a drug will have on the user – positive or negative - depends on a variety of factors, but can broadly be summarised into three groups: The Drug, The Person, and the Place. 

Various factors of the consumed drug will impact the effect on the user:

  • Chosen drug (and whether the substance is what you intended to consume)

  • Poly-use (combining multiple drugs)

  • Frequency of use

  • Amount used

  • Purity of drug

  • Route of administration (orally, inhaled, injected etc)

 Various factors of the user will impact the effect of the drug when they use it:

  • General health of the person

  • Body size

  • State of Hydration

  • Pre-existing medical conditions

  • Use of other medications

  • Experience with the drug

  • Knowledge of the drug

The Place refers to external factors that can influence a person’s experience when using a drug. Examples of the place are:

  • Location of the experience

  • Intensity of stimuli

  • Control over stimuli

  • Social group person is with

  • Temperature

  • Humidity