Nominations for Committee Members

Australian Festival Association Inc. (voluntary positions)


The Australian Festivals Association Inc. (AFA) is seeking nominations for suitably qualified people to join our Committee (commonly referred to as the Board).


Nominations due 11th September 2020.​


AFA is member-run not for profit representing the shared interests of our members in the Australian festival industry.


Established in 2018, the AFA has made strong in-roads across the country with all levels of Government and Industry.




  • We participated in the Coronial Inquest into Deaths at Music Festivals as an interested party to ensure industry context was considered.

  • We co-chair a legislated roundtable with Government and Industry Music Festival representatives and have 4 of the 10 Industry seats at that table.

  • We were called to give evidence at the Senate Select Committee Hearing into the Federal Government’s handling of COVID-19.

  • Alongside the Australian Music Industry Network, we launched the ilostmygig website, receiving 12,000 submissions in just over 4 weeks.

  • We have a position on the Executive Committee of the newly established Live Entertainment Forum (LEIF).

  • Our General Manager is on the Mass Gathering Collaboration Strategic Advisory Network.

  • Our General Manager is a Music Australia Councilor

  • We received funding from NSW Health to develop Harm Minimisation Training programs for festival staff, suppliers and patrons.

  • We have representation on Industry Roundtables across the country, contributing to the sector on behalf of our members.

About the AFA


The AFA is a membership-based, not-for-profit industry association and is an Incorporated Association registered in NSW and operating nationally.


Our vision, goals and values


The AFA is committed to delivering safe and well-run festivals around Australia and providing a framework for industry operating standards.

The AFA will do this by:

  • Connecting festival industry professionals with stakeholders and regulatory bodies

  • Establishing an organisation that will proactively work with regulatory bodies on behalf of the festival industry

  • Recognising the cultural contribution festivals make to Australian society and will work to uphold the reputation of music festivals in Australia and internationally


The AFA membership comprises stakeholders in the festival industry from multiple sectors, including:


  • Promoters

  • Producers

  • Cultural organisations

  • Operators including production management, site management, bar operators, venues


The Australia Festival Association works to:


  • Maintain an established organisation that can work with regulatory bodies on behalf of the festival industry

  • Provide an organisation that is accessible for all stakeholders and industry

  • Develop ‘best practice’ across all platforms

  • Represent the Industry to the media


Position requirements


Each Committee Member plays a part in ensuring good governance of the organisation, overseeing the strategy and ensuring compliance with legal requirements.



The AFA is governed by a Constitution.


The AFA has the following governance requirements for Committee members: 


  • act with reasonable care and diligence

  • act honestly and fairly in the best interests of the charity and for its charitable purposes

  • not misuse their position or information they gain as a responsible person

  • disclose actual or potential conflicts of interest

  • ensure that the financial affairs of the charity are managed responsibly, and

  • not allow the business to operate while it is insolvent.


The AFA is committed to ensuring appropriate representation of women, gender non conforming people, people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, people with disability and young people on our Committee.


The AFA is committed to developing a strong and diverse Committee where individual members bring unique strengths to the organisation. We are seeking committee members who are committed to the work of the AFA, and have experience and knowledge in relevant areas, and/or finance and risk governance skills and experience.


Candidates nominated for ordinary Committee membership ideally have experience in one or more of the following (current priorities are bolded):


  • Non-profit governance

  • Finance and risk management

  • Government relations

  • Social entrepreneurship, innovation and start-ups

  • Media, communications and marketing

  • Human resources

  • Legal

  • Domain expertise (festival sector).


People with Company Director training or experience on the board or committee of a similar peak body would be an asset to the Association.


Position Responsibilities


Committee Members of the AFA hold responsibility for:


  • upholding the AFA’s mission and values;

  • governance of the organisation, including strategic direction, risk and financial management;

  • add value to the AFA’s growth as an organisation capable of driving industry change;

  • providing expert advice, support and mentoring to the General Manager;

  • ensure the AFA remains compliant with relevant regulatory bodies;

  • developing new income streams.


Specific tasks include:


  • Evaluate, refine and approve updates to the AFA’s strategic plan;

  • Foster a positive working relationship with other Committee members and organisation staff;

  • Support and review the performance of the General Manager;

  • Ensure the financial structure is adequate of the organisation's current needs and long-range strategy;

  • Monitor financial performance;

  • Approve major decisions such as major program changes and capital expenditure;

  • Ensure that published reports properly reflect the organisation’s operating results and financial condition;

  • Review compliance with relevant legal requirements;

  • Ensure appropriate risk assessment and risk management procedures are in place;

  • Promote the organisation’s interests and activities within the broader community;

  • Introduce the Executive Director or Chair to relevant contacts, such as by scheduling a series of coffee meetings;

  • Review the performance of the Committee annually and take steps to continually improve its performance;

  • Contribute to effective Committee recruitment and succession planning.



Time Commitment - ordinary members


The AFA is seeking nominations for Committee members who are able to commit to approximately two-four hours per month including:


  • Attendance at four two-hour Committee meetings annually. These will be held face-to-face or via videoconference and may be held after hours (e.g., 6.00 pm - 8.00 pm) depending on the needs of the majority of Committee members

  • Approximately one-hour pre-reading for Committee meetings.

  • At least two additional meetings per year with the chair and/or General Manager to tap into your particular expertise OR participation in a subcommittee.

  • Approximately two hours per year to introduce the General Manager or Chair to relevant contacts, as appropriate.

  • Attendance at AFA events where possible.


Appointed Committee members serve a two-year term for ordinary members.


Next steps


Nominations for Committee Members should be addressed to the Executive Officer, and be accompanied by a letter of consent.


Please email [email protected] with the subject line ‘AFA Committee Nomination’ for more information or to nominate.


Nominations and Consent letters close 11th September 2020.  

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