The Australian Festival Association (AFA) was formed to represent the shared interests and importance of the Australian festival industry. The AFA is committed to delivering safe and well-run festivals around Australia and providing a framework for industry operating standards.

The AFA continues to do this by:

  • Connecting festival industry professionals with stakeholders and regulatory bodies

  • Proactively working with regulatory bodies on behalf of the festival industry

  • Recognising the cultural contribution festivals make to Australian society and upholding the reputation of music festivals in Australia and internationally


The AFA membership comprises of stakeholders in the festival industry from multiple sectors, including:

  • Promoters

  • Producers

  • Cultural organisations

  • Councils

  • Operators including production management, site management, bar operators, venues, medical management, security companies 


The Australia Festival Association will work to:

  • Maintain an established organisation that can work with regulatory bodies on behalf of the festival industry

  • Provide an organisation that is accessible for all stakeholders and industry

  • Develop ‘best practice’ across all platforms

  • Represent the Industry to the media

AFA Constitution

The AFA Management Committee (Board) are:

Jessica Ducrou: Splendour in the Grass (NSW), Falls Festival (VIC, NSW, TAS) Download (NSW, VIC)

Adelle Robinson: Listen Out (NSW, WA, QLD, VIC), Listen In (SA), Field Day (NSW), Harbourlife (NSW), 

Danny Rogers: Laneway (NSW, VIC, QLD, WA, SA)

Rod Little: GTM (NSW, VIC, QLD, WA, SA, ACT), The Plot (NSW)

The AFA Steering Committee members include:

Chris Bausor - Ice Cream Factory/Barpop
David Wrobel - Colbrow Medical
Julia Robinson - AFA (Chair)
Josh Chapman - SUBVRT
Simone Elbeb - ISEC Security (Regular proxy: Peter Armstrong) 
Russell Steele - RSA Professionals
Tara Benney - Strawberry Fields

The AFA Steering Committee Terms of Reference may be found here


The inaugural AGM will now be scheduled for October 2020 due to COVID-19. All members will be invited to attend. Interested parties will be invited to attend the forum held after the AGM.

Our aims are to make festivals safer for patrons and reduce friction between festival promoters and regulatory bodies, by aligning evidence-based practices and decades of combined industry experience with the requirements of government policy.  

We are also committed to ensuring the ongoing viability of festivals as thriving businesses, significant municipal events and sites of global cultural exchange in the interest of all Australians. 

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